3 Custom Furniture Pieces That Can Transform Your Home

The home furniture industry is a massive business, with over 34 billion dollars worth of revenue in 2013. People love to shop at furniture stores because the design ideas are all laid out for them. To transform their living area, all folks need to do is to meander through the endless rows of furniture, and spot a set that fits their design aesthetic.

However, because there are trends in the furniture market just like any other business, sometimes doing this can make your home look boring and dated only a few months down the road. By hiring trained carpenters to design custom furniture pieces for your home, you can add a tremendous amount of functionality and design detail to your space. Here are three custom furniture pieces that can transform your place.

1: Built-In Bookshelves

Are you looking to add a little sophistication to your den? Think about having a carpenter install a wall of built-in bookshelves. Displaying your books is a great way to warm up a space, and to spark conversations with new guests. Instead of tucking all of your college texts and interesting reads into your attic, put them on display for the world to see.

Custom furniture builders can create bookshelves out of many different hardwoods in order to match the look to your home's design details. For example, if you have cherry-wood kitchen cabinets, you can have your bookshelves made from the same material so that your home has a streamlined appearance. Oftentimes, newly installed custom bookshelves look like they made when the house was built.

You can also have interesting design elements added to your bookshelves in order to make them even more beautiful. Consider installing gorgeous crown molding around the edges, in order to create a stunning and finished look.

Not only will bookshelves allow your children to grab information for their reports quickly, but you can also assign rooms with a purpose. Instead of putting a bunch of stuffy furniture into your parlor or den area, add cozy reading chairs along with your installed bookcases. Who knows? Maybe your family will even watch a little less TV.

2: Window Seats

If you are trying to figure out what to do with that dead floor space inside of your bay window area, consider adding a lovely window seat. Custom furniture builders can measure the space perfectly, and build an area where you can cuddle up with some cocoa and watch the snowfall. Window seats are an excellent way to add a little character to an otherwise boring area, and they can also be highly functional.

Talk with your carpenter about creating a storage spot underneath your window seat. He might be able to add sturdy hinges to the compartment that will allow you to quickly and easily grab blankets or pillows. Your carpenter might even be able to line the storage space with cedar, in order to fend off bugs and moths that could enter from outside.

Custom window seats are a unique and nostalgic way to add a little bit of extra seating to any room in your home.

3: China Hutches

All too often, people end up with massive china collections that just collect dust in their attics. In order to show off those gorgeous plates that you got for your wedding twenty years ago, consider having a custom china hutch built in your kitchen. These hutches are created to be extraordinarily sturdy, and because they are mounted to the studs of your walls, you won't need to worry about your delicate pieces falling over.

China hutches are usually created with glass window panels that allow your guests to admire cool dishes or interesting knick-knacks. If you aren't interested in making your hutch a display piece, you can also request that the front panels be composed of frosted or bubbled glass to disguise messy areas.

If you are looking to increase the storage capacity of your kitchen, china hutches are the way to go. Oftentimes, hutches extend clear from the ceiling to the floor, allowing homeowners to store extra kitchen appliances or unsightly mail baskets.

Custom furniture from places like The New Oak Tree Solid Wood Furniture is an excellent way to make use of dead space, and to set your place apart from other homes.