8 Amazing And Unusual Materials For Flooring

Floors can be a tricky part of the interior design plan of your home. People walk on them, children play on them and pets sleep on them. They have to be durable, but you want them to be attractive too. 

Sometimes homeowners have just had it with their plain floors. Maybe you got so sick of your old carpet that you ripped it up, or maybe you just want to do away with the usual and have flooring that is unique and fun. Here are some materials for flooring that will have you walking through your home with a spring in your step. 


Believe it or not, you can use paper to cover your floor. Strip off any carpet or other floor covering and then place the paper in layers over the surface of the floor, gluing them down as you go. Finish with several coats of polyurethane. 

Brown craft paper is often used in this flooring technique, but you could use any color or combination of colors you want. 


You can turn your wooden or concrete floors into stunning works of art by painting any design you can create. Be sure you sand off any varnish before you start. 

Concrete with Glitter

You've seen concrete floors with those black and white specks over the top. This look is popular in finished garages and basements. It turns out that you can give that project some real sparkle by using glitter. 

Crafty Chica explains how she used glitter with a regular concrete floor finishing kit to make a sparkly and fabulous floor in her art room. The glitter is spread over the floor and then covered with varnish. 


Take tiles one step further by organizing shapes and colors into a beautiful, one of a kind mosaic. You can use tiles to create pictures, to make a geometrical design or to just go random. The end result is a piece of artwork that is truly your own. 


This fun and unique flooring idea uses leather belts to create an amazing look. The manufacturer strips and cleans old leather belts and then presses them into leather tiles. The result is a rich, dark floor that is as sophisticated as it is unusual. 


Cork flooring is an attractive alternative to wood and can be bought in home improvement stores. Some people have created their own cork floors using the corks from wine bottles. Cork floors are durable and comfortable to bare feet. When they are created from wine bottle corks, they add a personal touch as well. 


A glass floor is wonderful if there is something under the floorboards worth seeing. If your house happens to be situated over a creek or river, you have the perfect reason to have some of your flooring made from glass. 

Even if you aren't lucky enough to have a house that was built over something pretty, you can create your own look under the glass in your floor. A fabulous piece of artwork, for example, would look great under glass and underfoot. 


Bricks are used in the interior of homes all the time but are not often considered for flooring. This is unfortunate because bricks offer a lovely, cozy look in a quiet living space. Bricks for flooring could be pieced together by shape or connected by mortar like a brick wall. 

These wonderful materials prove that you don't have to stick with the standards when it comes to floors. The floors in your home can be unique pieces that represent your own personality and what you love about your space.